Webcast: Anybody with Exoskeleton

Title : Modelling Human – Exoskeleton interaction with AnyBody

Researcher : Prof. John Rasmussen

Date : 03.11.2016


(Prof. John Rasmussen, PhD, The AnyBody Group, Aalborg University, 03.November 2016)


Exoskeletons are promising a new technological revolution on the interface of man and machine. The technology offers amazing opportunities and very difficult design problems, because the machine must work on the conditions of a living human. In this webcast, Professor John Rasmussen from Aalborg University will explain how musculoskeletal simulation can be used in the various stages of the design process to enhance safety, reduce weight and minimize power consumption.


  • Virtual prototyping
  • Explore design ideas
  • Study effects on the user to changes in topology, weight, dimensions and actuator power
  • Balance pros and cons of a particular design
  • Verify hypothesized benefits of prototypes
  • Quantify performance benefits
  • Highlight risk factors


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