SoftInWay and Gamma Technologies Bring Total Turbomachinery Solution to the Automotive and Turbomachinery Industry

Gamma Technologies and SoftInWay, Inc. announce an exclusive partnership to deliver a complete design and analysis solution from detailed component to system level. Engineers and scientists now leverage AxSTREAM®’s unique turbomachinery component and performance map solvers and integrate with GT- SUITE’s industry-leading system simulation software.

Through this partnership, users can utilize AxSTREAM® to generate thousands of designs for turbines, compressors, pumps and fans, and generate a collection of GT-SUITE formatted performance maps. From there, engineers use GT-SUITE to optimize their systems for the best efficiency, operability, etc.  Applications include turbochargers, coolant pumps, turbopumps, fuel cell pumps, gas turbines, and more.

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