For orthopedic implant manufacturing companies, AnyBody Technology offers CAE software for early assessment of implant suitability.

The AnyBody Modeling System™ computes forces acting on bones, joints, and implants during everyday activities, exercises, or any dynamic condition. This complements and acts as input to traditional finite element modeling.

With the AnyBody Modeling System™ orthopedic implant manufacturing companies can improve product designs, provide solid documentation, and on a larger scale optimize R&D processes significantly, making way for a quicker time-to-market.

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When designing implants for thousands of future patients, simulation offers many advantages opposed to experiments; for instance, knowing the muscle forces acting upon a fracture will be crucial information for designing a fixation device. Should the bone be supported from the bottom or the top? This problem can be solved with the AnyBody Modeling System™.


With the AnyBody Modeling System™, you are actually able to document the forces imposed on various body parts. This documentation empowers decision-makers to progress faster and firmer in later steps of development.

Optimizing R&D processes

Minimizing the risks of failure to an implant design is, needless to say, of utmost importance. Biomechanical modeling with the AnyBody Modeling System™ allows R&D organizations to come up with answers they wouldn't normally be able to pursue. With the AnyBody Modeling System™, biomechanical research problems become more tangible and surmountable.