AnyBody Technology

The AnyBody Modeling System™ The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a software system for simulating the mechanics of the live human body working in concert with its environment.

The environment is defined in terms of external forces and boundary conditions, and the user may impose any kind of posture or motion for the human body - either from scratch or from a set recorded motion data. AnyBody then runs a simulation and calculates the mechanical properties for the body-environment system.

AnyBody Technology A/S

AnyBody can also scale the models to fit to any population from anthropometric data or to any individual. Or, you can parameterize your studies in AnyBody to match product design trade-offs, finding the optimum combination of parameters to fulfill a given purpose.From AnyBody the user can obtain results on individual muscle forces, joint forces and moments, metabolism, elastic energy in tendons, antagonistic muscle actions and much more.


With the AnyBody Modeling System™ you can:
- Handle body models with unprecedented detail efficiently - 1000+ muscle elements
- Obtain unique knowledge on the kinetics inside the body for a given environment
- Customize your models in the open scripting language AnyScript™
- Solve product design issues by scaling and optimizing parametric models
- Import data from Motion Capture systems to drive AnyBody models
-Export AnyBody data as input to Finite Element models
- Run the software on an ordinary PC
- The AnyBody Modeling System™ is available from AnyBody Technology with discounted - license prices for research and teaching purposes. Price information is available on request here.


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quotation-begin-512We save time and money building and testing fewer prototype models. The AnyBody computer simulations come very close to reality.

Peer-Oliver Wagner
Head of Ergonomic and Convenience & Raphael Bichler
Biomechanics specialist
BMW Group


quotation-begin-512Biomechanical simulations with the AnyBody Modeling SystemTM made it possible to quantify and determine key design parameters of the Active MotionTM technology very early in the design phase. The key parameters could only have been found through simulations.

Dr.Karl Siebertz
Technical Specialist
Biomechanical Vehicle Interior Technologies Ford Research
& Advanced Engineering Europe


quotation-begin-512There are key muscles in the spine, which are associated with a variety of painful spinal conditions. Collaborating with AnyBody Technology enabled us to understand the interrelationships between joint mechanics and muscle function, helping to demonstrate the need for our technology.

Bruce Robie
CEO and Founder of ARO Medical


quotation-begin-512The model repository and application examples are great resource and make it possible to get a jump-start on a new project. I personally like that you can still work directly with the Anyscript code (giving you more control compared to most “menu-based” engineering software). This is very valuable in a research setting.

Joakim Holmberg
Phd, Linköping University