Portfolio Category: April 2019

National Biomechanics Day 2019

Celebrating National Biomechanics Day 2019 in Malaysia Sports Council, ISN with more than 150 participants from Sport-Science Department of Universities, Sports Council and Industries. As one of the technology partner, we are sharing the latest solution for sport science (Human Musculoskeleton Simulation, Motion Capture, Haptic Feedback, CAE) with the audiences in order to assist and…
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MARii Autoshow 2019

VTC Solution has attended the MARii Autoshow 2019 held in MAEPS, Serdang, Malaysia. The event is from 11 - 14 April 2019. The Autoshow showcases the latest vehicles, as well as the latest automotive technology. VTC Solution showcased the latest technology in Automotive Simulation: GT-Suite RT (Real Time) with Virtual Test Drive (VTD). It provides…
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