FSAE 2016

20161009_193614Formula SAE (FSAE) 2016 is an international-level automotive design competition organizedby SAE International (Malaysia branch) and Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI). It is the first time ever that this competition is being hosted in ASEAN region.


The competition, held on 5th to 9th October 2016, encompasses all aspects of automotive industry, from design, manufacturing, testing, developing, to business aspects such as marketing and management, as teams are required to submit not just the design, but also the cost of their prototype. Therefore, the competition requires not just performance and reliability of a prototype, but also the manufacturability.


FSAE's concept is that it is a fictional manufacturing company that has contracted a design team to research and develop a small car similar to the build of a Formula-One. A rule book is uploaded and updated annually on the official FSAE website and students are to follow the rules when constructing the prototype.

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