AiGEV 2016

Automotive Engineering Centre (AEC) was officially established on 1st February 2008. Prior to that Automotive Focus Group was formed which was responsible for all the automotive related activities in UMP. In year 2007,the Automotive Focus Group proposed to UMP top management to develop a centre which focus on automotive engineering research activities to be known as Automotive Development Centre. The proposal was endorsed by UMP Board of Director, however with the name changed to Automotive Excellence Centre. In March 2010, AEC was reorganized to expand its capabilities and operation to meet the changing needs of the local automotive industries. 20 researchers from Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic & Manufacturing Faculties were appointed to be the AEC members. The AEC name was later changed to Automotive Engineering Centre effective from 22nd July 2010 to better reflect its activities. AEC had made several collaboration with automotive industries such as HICOM Automotive Manufacturers, Modenas, Miyazu, Sapura and with overseas technical universities such as National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science (KUAS) of Taiwan and Iwate University of Japan.

Automotive Engineering research has been playing a vital role and has become indispensable for the growth of any nation. In this context, research activities are being carried out at the extremes and many problems are yet to be solved. Thus, the pursuit of automotive studies continue to remain the most exciting and challenging areas in furthering the frontiers of knowledge. As expanding the future research in automotive area, AEC has been promoting and organizing the 2nd International Conference On Automotive Innovation And Green Energy Vehicle (AiGEV 2016). AiGEV 2016 will be held in Malaysia Automotive Institute, Cyberjaya, Malaysia on August 2-3, 2016. AiGEV 2016 provides a venue for researchers and practitioners in related fields from academia, industry and government to meet in a forum where the latest research results are presented and prospect for future developments are discussed.

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