The establishment of VTC SOLUTION SDN BHD (VTCS) is to provide leverage for the new revolution in Environmental GreenTech Solutions, Process Integration & Design Optimization (PIDO) and Open Innovation (OI).

VTCS is providing the worlds leading Environmental GreenTech Simulation (Automotive Green Engine, Eco Building, Renewable Energy, Advanced Environmental Material), Engineering CAO (Computer Aided Optimization) and CAE (CFD, FEA, Vehicle Dynamic, Virtual Reality, Nanotech, Biotech) solutions, project consultancy and professional "Know-How" training.

VTCS internal & external specialists provide engineering services & consultancy to Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Turbo Machinery, Electronic & Electrical, Oil & Gas, Building & Environment and other industries in South-East Asia & the Asia-Pacific regions.

Beside meeting the needs of various industries, VTCS is actively involved with several research centers and universities for specific research project such as automotive green engine development (Hybrid, CNG, Bio-diesel, fuel cell...), vehicle dynamic study, renewable energy (solar, wind turbine, biomass) and many other related technological researches.

VTCS is committed to assisting the region in establishing the "Open Innovation" concept. It is growing discipline where companies go outside their own R&D and Engineering department in order to provide leverage for the effort of many independent inventors, university researchers and scientists in solving problems with mode cost effective, time saving and environmental friendly measures.

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The red ribbon leading the blue sphere towards the green sphere represents VTC Solution's vision to play a part in steering the industry towards green industry and sustainable development.

The sharp edges of the red ribbon represent that VTC Solution is on the cutting-edge of advanced simulation technology.

"Open innovation optimization" stands for VTC Solution's vision to combine the creativity, minds and talents from different places, fields and industries, though knowledge sharing and solution sharing, to achieve the optimal and best solution to current challenges in technological development.

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