Amazing live motion capture session by Ninja Theory and Unreal Engine at GDC.


Ninja Theory is on a thriller called Hellblade. It centers around a woman warrior, Senua, who is battling madness. They showed a live demo during Epic’s keynote at GDC in San Francisco.

The GDC keynoye demo at GDC was a great collaboration between Epic Games, Cubic Motion, 3Lateral Studio, Ninja Theory, IKinema & Xsens.

In the demo, actress Melina Juergens played Senua in real time. The actress was invisible to the public and she was wearing an Xsens MVN motion capture suit and a facial capture setup. Her body and facial movements were captured in real-time and showed up on the big screen as Senua in the Hellblade world. She also spoke in real time, transforming her voice to Senua’s. Every time the actress blinked, Senua blinked. It all looked very realistic, and it was rendered in real time.

Watch the making of in this video:


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