Upcoming Webcast for Anybody Modelling System

3 April 2018 : Knee internal contact forces in the knee osteoarthritis population

This webcast details the methods employed to identify knee osteoarthritis. Thirty-nine knee osteoarthritis patients and 18 controls were analysed for the purpose of the study.

For More info : https://www.anybodytech.com/events/koa-malalignment/


26 April 2018 : Model validation using the anatomical reachable 3-D workspace

Hear Miguel Nobre Castro, MSc, Biomedical Engineer, Ph.D. Student at Aalborg University present a new validation metric, the reachable 3-D workspace, aiming to evaluate the performance of upper extremity musculoskeletal models.

For More info : https://www.anybodytech.com/events/anatomical-reachable-3-d-workspace/

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