Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2011 Results

This year's Shell Eco-Marathon was successfully held at Sepang, with impressive outcomes such as Thailand's Dhurakij Pundit University squeezing 2213.4 km/l of ethanol out of their internal combustion engine.

Shell Eco-Marathon is an event in which teams from different countries attempt to design and fabricate the most fuel-efficient vehicle from scratch. The two main vehicle types are: Prototype - futuristic and streamlined vehicles, typically three-wheeled, designed to minimize any resistance to the vehicle motion; and Urban Concept - cars designed to be conventional and marketable.

Energy sources for this year includes internal combustion (using either conventional fuel like gasoline or diesel; or alternative fuels like ethanol), solar, hydrogen or plug-in electricity.

This year's competition sees new records being set, most notably the Thai team's impressive 2213.4 km/l result, which essentially means that a litre of fuel is enough to take the vehicle from Kuala Lumpur to Chang Mai in northern Thailand.

Vehicle design for this year has improved dramatically from the previous competition, with most teams being able to pass the stringent safety and technical testing and requiring less last-minute field modifications. This represents a general increase in the knowledge and experience of vehicle design and robust design by the competing teams, a promising scene as they will likely be the vehicle designers of the future.

For the complete set of results, click on the following link.

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