Technical Papers

Below are a set of technical papers showcasing modeFRONTIER's application in various industries.

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Human Engineering
1 Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization for Human Well-Being Unknown


Automotive Industry
1 Robust optimization of ABS control parameters with CarSim, MATLAB and modeFRONTIER abs_control
2 Aerodynamics and multi-body dynamics optimization of Audi R8 race-car with CATIA, ICEM CFD, CFX, MSC-Adams and modeFRONTIER audi
3 MASERATI car body optimization with ANSYS, LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER maserati
4 Robust design crankshaft optimization with ProEngineer, ANSYS Workbench, AVL-Excite and modeFRONTIER crankshaft
5 Engine design optimization of 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine with GTPower and modeFRONTIER gt_4cyl
6 Engine intake port optimization with ProEngineer, FIRE and modeFRONTIER ice_intake
7 Optimization Strategies to Explore Multiple Optimal Solutions Technical Paper
8 Multi-Objective Optimization of a Car Body Structure Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.14.16 AM
9 Vehicle Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.16.38 AM


Aerospace Industry
1 Robust design optimization of airfoil in transonic field with in-house codes and modeFRONTIER airfoil_transonic
2 Optimization of complex 3D wing design with CATIA, ICEM CFD and StarCD aeronautics


1 Casting geometry optimization with MAGMASOFT and modeFRONTIER magmasoft
2 Gas assisted injection molding optimization with CADMOULD and modeFRONTIER mouldflow
3 Optimization of process parameters for friction stir welding with ANSYS and modeFRONTIER stir_welding


1 3D inverse design of axial compressor stator blade with CFX and modeFRONTIER compressorCFX
2 Design and optimization of hydraulic washing machine pump with CATIA, ICEM CFD, CFX and modeFRONTIER hydraulic_pump
3 Design of gas turbine cooling system with in-house codes and modeFRONTIER gas_turbine_cooling


modeFRONTIER case histories courtesy of ENGINSOFT:

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Additional papers can be found on the ESTECO pages.