For many cases, several different analysis tools may be required to complete the design process. modeFRONTIER allows easy and organized integration of each tool using node-based visual programming (or "boxes and arrows").

modeFRONTIER offers direct integration to the following applications:


For other software and in-house codes, modeFRONTIER can execute them using  script nodes. The requirements of modeFRONTIER is that the applications must:

  1. Receive input from command line or external file
  2. Run without user intervention
  3. Output results to an external file

Most applications today meet the requirements above. modeFRONTIER has been successfully integrated to software such as Pointwise, LS-DYNA, OpenFOAM, various in-house programs and more.

Besides analysis software, modeFRONTIER is capable of importing experimental data and carrying out optimization using techniques such as response surface methodology and artificial neural networks.

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