Workplace design


Workplaces with elements of materials handling or lifting are among those with the highest propensity for injury in back, shoulders and arms. The overall explanation is that any repetitive work task that degenerates tissue faster than it can be repaired will eventually traumatize the human body. Our muscles typically have much smaller moment arms than the exterior loads, and therefore small differences in the working postures or loading parameters can cause large differences in the tissue loads

The AnyBody Modeling System™ allows for detailed analysis of a particular work task and for assessment of the consequences of a change in the workplace design. How will the sideways movement of a handled material influence the joint forces, and is this likely to influence the shoulder pain the worker is experiencing

The mechanics of the human body is far to intricate to allow for a precise answer to this type of question without the type of rigorous mechanical model provided by the AnyBody Modeling System™.