For the orthopedic R&D organization that is unable to verify the suitability of an implant for activities of daily living, AnyBody computes range of motion and all in-vivo forces acting on the implant or bone. Read More



Exoskeletons could also be regarded as wearable robots: A wearable robot is a mechatronic system that is designed around the shape and function of the human body with segments and joints corresponding to those of the person it is externally coupled with. Read More


Line_Worker__thumb_Occupational Health

For organizations looking to minimize work hazards and unhealthy work routines, AnyBody provides an opportunity for a quantitative comparison between different working situations or the assessment of consequences of prospective interventions. Read More



In modern Sports, winning or being number one in the world in a given sport could create million dollars. Thus, technology is being used and developed to give the performance enhancement boost to the elite athletes and competitors. Read More



For ergonomic divisions of the automotive industry, AnyBody emerges as the standard for ergonomic simulation. AnyBody provides an opportunity to optimize car ergonomics, get rid of costly mock-ups, and reduce time-to-market. Read More


Business_Jet__thumb_Aerospace & Defense

The industries of aerospace and defense often face challenging design problems due to an excess of trade-offs and high performance criteria. With AnyBody human factors can be integrated into the design of environments that are extra stressful for the human body. Read More


Professional_cycling__thumb_Consumer Products

For designers of consumer products in sports, leisure, furniture or others, AnyBody can assist in optimizing product comfort or performance. AnyBody simulates the interaction between user and product, and delivers valuable design input. Read More


AnyBody Technology A/SResearch

For researchers and students of biomechanics, ergonomics, or biomedical engineering, AnyBody is the state-of-the-art simulation tool of the human body mechanics. Read More