Technical Papers

GT-SUITE has been instrumental to producing numerous SAE technical papers and journal papers. Below are some of the technical presentations on research and design made possible with GT-SUITE.

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Engine Performance
1 Simulation of boosted, dual-fueled 'Octane-on-Demand' PFI/DI Engine for the purpose of knock prediction octane-on-demand
2 Simulation of mild compressor surge using GT-POWER compressorsurge
3 MASERATI car body optimization with ANSYS, LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER misfiredetection
4 Integration of GT-POWER, GT-VTrain, and VTDesign for the optimization of NASCAR valve events nascarvalve
5 Engine design optimization of 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine with GTPower and modeFRONTIER pneumaticbooster
6 An Integrated Experimental and Simulation Study of Cycle-to-Cycle Variations in a Homogeneous-Charge Spark-Ignition Engine Picture1


Fuel Injection
1 Fuel injection and combustion integrated simulation for a marine diesel engine marinefuelinject
2 Simulation of low-pressure fuel-system for off-highway applications lowpressurefuel


1 Balance shaft and gear train modeling to capture gear rattle phenomenon gearrattle


Hybrid Electric Vehicles
1 Diesel hybrid for passenger cars: analysis of different degrees of hybridization dieselhybrid
2 Engine Downsizing for Hybrid Vehicle Simulation Picture4
3 Simulation of a Battery Electric Vehicle Picture2


1 Diesel exhaust system aftertreatment modeling dieselaftertreatment
2 Emissions Catalyst Design using GT-SUITE Picture3


Other Simulations
1 GT-POWER as a tool for backpressure prediction backpressure
2 Integrated engine, vehicle, and underhood model of a light duty truck for VTM analysis integratedVTM

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