GT-SUITE Simulations

GT-SUITE offers the complete tools for engine and vehicle simulations. The various aspects of GT-SUITE and their applications are:

Engine PerformancePicture12

  • Manifold design and tuning
  • Valve profile and timing optimization
  • Turbocharger matching, wastegates, bypasses
  • EGR system performance
  • Manifold wall temperatures
  • 3-D CFD studies (optional, with Star-CD or FLUENT)
  • Thermal analysis of cylinder components
  • Combustion analysis
  • Design of active and passive control systems
  • Intake and exhaust noise analysis
  • Design of resonators and silencers for noise control
  • Transient turbocharger response
  • Aftertreatment systems


Fuel Injection

  • Injection rate shaping
  • Injector-combustion matching (optional, with 3D CFD)Picture13
  • Diesel fuel systems

    • Common Rail systems
    • Distributor type systems
    • Unit pump systems
    • Pump Line Nozzle systems
    • High pressure pump systems
  • Gasoline fuel systems

    • Port injection
    • Direct injection
  • Cavitation / aeration analysis
  • Detailed modeling of solenoid valves or piezo actuators
  • Control system design
  • System resonances and mode shapes
  • Sizing of pipes, orifices, passages, valves
  • Sizing of masses, springs
  • Cam profile design
  • Cam drive torque, Hertzian contact stress, oil film thickness
  • General hydraulics system


Gear, Chain, and Belt DrivesPicture9Picture8

  • Spur and helical gears
  • Roller chains
  • Accessory belts
  • Detailed friction modeling
  • Transmission, noise, vibration and durability analysis


Vehicle Driveline and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

  • Transmission
  • Vehicle acceleration, stopping and performance
  • Fuel economy and emission
  • Driveline torsional vibrations
  • Driver actions and control systems modeling
  • Attached trailer and road conditions modeling
  • Electromechanical component models
  • Torque-splitting devices
  • Electrical circuit modeling
  • Electric launch and transition
  • Regenerative braking


Cooling and Underhood

  • Transient or steady-state analysis of cooling circuit
  • Radiator, pump, pipe and orifice sizing
  • Engine warm-up
  • Simulation of operating conditions

    • Vehicle speed
    • Engine speed and torque
    • Engine heat rejection
    • Ram air effects
    • Clutch operation
    • Thermostat cycling
  • Design of control system
  • Thermostat
  • Supports integration with SIMULINK



  • Steady-state flow and pressure distribution in an oil system
  • Pump sizing
  • Priming
  • Pressure wave dynamics and resonance
  • Pump dynamics
  • Thermal response
  • Bearing behavior
  • Cavitation and air volume fraction



  • Single stand alone exhaust after treatment component
  • Multiple components in series or parallel
  • Integration of controls with exhaust aftertreatment
  • Diesel particulate filter modeling
  • Catalyst templates
  • Chemical kinetics library, with GUI for user-defined functions
  • Supports integration with CHEMKIN



  • Fully nonlinear explicit solver
  • Linear acoustics solver
  • Muffler design
  • Audio output files