VTC Solution markets and  supports world's leading range of engineering simulation software for  various industry application. Currently, we are carrying universal process integration &  design optimization (uPIDO) and engine performance simulation tools.


Universal Process Integration & Design Optimization (uPIDO):

modeFRONTIER (Multi-disciplinary optimization and design environment)

modefrontierOriginating from an European Union research project, modeFRONTIER is currently the cutting-edge tool for implementation of uPIDO. With the ability to couple to almost any computer aided engineering (CAE) tool, modeFRONTIER integrates different fields and tackles different aspects of design projects. modeFRONTIER is able to identify design parameter effects, search for optimum design and reduce the computational resources required to improve design.

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Specific Solution:

GT-SUITE (Vehicle performance analysis)

gt_partsGT-SUITE is a versatile multiphysics platform for constructing models of general vehicle  systems, encompassing fluid flow, acoustics simulation, thermodynamics and heat transfer, mechanical motion, electric and electromagnetic systems, chemical kinetics and control system. With its large array of simulation models and options, GT-SUITE has become the industry standard for vehicle simulation with over 500 customers worldwide.

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AnyBody Modeling System

anybody modelingThe AnyBody Modeling System is a MusculoSkeletal Modeling System for bio-mechanical simulations analyzing reactions within the human body or between the human body and an environment. Environment can be

  • something within (implant, e.g. knee or hip device),
  • something attached to (exoskeleton, e.g. knee brace or space-suit) or
  • something interacting (e.g. automotive seat, wheelchair, ...) with the human body.

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Vehicle Dynamics Analysis

vpg_truckVehicle dynamics analysis covers many aspects of vehicle simulation including structural analysis, dynamic behavior, suspension system, tire modeling, fatigue calculation, and impact and safety analysis. Vehicle dynamic simulation software is well-established in the industry as a useful tool to reduce number of experiments, reduce design time and costs and improve design quality.


Manufacturing Process Simulation (MPS):


adstefan_partADSTEFAN is a casting simulation software that accurately simulates the entire casting process. ADSTEFAN simulates cavity shrinkage prediction, die temperature prediction, defect size and location prediction, Thixomolding process as well as computing stress and structural deformation. In addition, ADSTEFAN has built-in pre-processor and post-processor features such as material library, CAD interface and built-in modeler and mesher.

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