VTC Solution provides a wide range of industry-proven solutions for manufacturing applications and material processing that enable the users to evaluate and optimize their designs and manufacturing processes. Customer can beneficial from the solutions with greater innovation, shorter development cycles, design for durability, and reduced physical prototypes.


  • Draw Die Simulation
  • Predict cracking, wrinkling, thinning and skidmark
  • Binder Wrap Simulation
  • Trim-line Evaluation
  • Blanking
  • Tonnage Prediction
  • Springback
  • Hydroforming


  • Cold, warm & hot forging
  • Netshape forging


  • Filling simulation (predict air trapped)
  • Sleeve simulation (included process of poring, injection & filling)
  • Die temperature estimation
  • Solidification analysis (predict shrinkage cavity)
  • Low / High Pressure die casting, sand mold, investment casting & etc

Plastic Injection

  • Support filling, packing, cooling, warpage analysis
  • support midplane, surface based, and full solid model
  • Can be used in validation of new material, manufacturing feasibility evaluation, mold validation and optimization and process condition evaluation.