Human Factor & Ergonomic


VTC Solution serves as the frontier human factor & ergonomic solution in variety of disciplines such as automotive ergonomic, sports technology and professional research. Throughout the human engineering studies, VTC Solution delivers the solution on the modelling system between human and environment. Besides, VTC Solution also provides know-how training and consultancy.


Development of new implant design and simulating accurate reaction forces to minimize loads on joints and implants.

Automotive ergonomics

Optimization of the package design as seat design, pedal steering wheel and handle positions.

Occupation Health

Optimization of the work places to minimize loads on joints or high muscle activations in order to prevent fatigue.

Consumer product development

Perform analysis and optimization on the final product design.


Perform analysis on interaction between athlete and high performance new designs of sport equipment. Therefore, optimization on the sport equipment on specific athlete is achievable.

Aeronautics or Aerospace countermeasure devices

Devices for the use in space can be developed and optimized to maximize activations on certain muscles to train them in the most efficient way.