Engineering Solutions

VTC Solution markets and supports world's leading range of engineering simulation software for various industry application. We cover various important fields in engineering design and simulation, including:

Universal Process Integration & Design Optimization (uPIDO)


In the ever-evolving field of engineering design and simulation, uPIDO is steadily gaining awareness and recognition as the key methodology in product and process design. Integrating various discipline and aspects of design projects, uPIDO gives priority to the entire design process and the bigger picture rather than focusing on any particular aspect, in search for the optimum solution to the design challenge. VTC Solution offers uPIDO solution by utilizing modeFRONTIER, the world's leading uPIDO tool. Almost any application area can benefit greatly from the application of uPIDO from structural design and external aerodynamics, to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), component design, complete vehicle systems, engine design, turbomachinery and more.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


CFD is computer-based simulation of fluid flow by numerically solving fluid dynamics equations consisting of discretised partial differential equations. Current CFD development has allowed various flow regimes to be successfully captured in simulations, such as turbulence, heat transfer, multiphase flow, fluid-structure interaction, acoustics, chemical reaction, combustion and so forth. Application fields for CFD is wide, such as vehicle aerodynamics, heat transfer, turbomachinery performance, internal combustion engine and so forth.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

fatigueFinite element analysis is a numerical technique for discretising and solving partial differential equations. While FEA originated from structural analysis, current FEA solutions have expanded to cover different areas including structural, fluid, thermal  and electromagnetic simulations. FEA's rapid development now allows advanced simulations including crash analysis, failure analysis, non-linear deformation and fatigue prediction.


Manufacturing Process Simulation (MPS)

MPS software applies FEA and CFD concepts to highly specific manufacturing processes, such as casting, injection molding, forging, machining as so forth. MPS is becoming vital in the manufacturing industry, offering benefits including reducing cycle time, saving material cost, reducing product defects and eliminating the trial-and-error design process.


Vehicle Performance Analysis

nascarvalveTraditionally, vehicle performance analysis has been focused on components analysis, for example, analysis of in-cylinder flow and engine combustion. A higher level of vehicle performance analysis will be to carry out integrated simulations of engine and vehicle, starting from air intake and into engine valve, combustion, exhaust and all individual components and processes in between. VTC Solution is equipped with such cutting-edge simulation tool to benefit your R&D process.


We offer comprehensive solution in the above areas and other related engineering technology. Our engineering solutions cover industries such as: