OKU Program


Overview of VcsrP

The VTC Solution Corporate Social Responsibility Program (VcsrP) is a program designed to let students and the industry contribute to the society by helping the less fortunate.

In this program, VTC Solution will coordinated with related universities to support student teams in accomplishing their task. Student teams will identify the needs of the disabled people in their community and work to design, build and test a device that will tackle the challenges faced by the disabled and help improve their lives. Finally, the completed device will be given out as an act of charity. Through VcsrP, students with passion for design and innovation will have the chance to practice their skills on an actual project with a good purpose.

To encourage creativity and innovation, there is no restriction to the nature and design of the device. However, each team should emphasize on practicality, usefulness and safety.

Latest update

VcsrP is still under progress and will be launched tentatively in August 2011. Above information are yet to be confirmed and may be changed as the program progresses. Stay tuned!