AB: Loading an aircraft: Validation of the lumbar spine model and analysis of lumbar loads in airport baggage handlers


In the webcast, Henrik Koblauch will present his work to use musculoskeletal models to evaluate loading of the lower back in airport baggage handlers. The presentation includes the efforts to validate the lumbar spine model for estimating lumbar loading in lifting tasks. The second part of the webcast will present the musculoskeletal modeling of baggage handlers working inside the luggage compartment of a Boeing 737-800.


1st performance is Tuesday November 10th at 9:00 Central European Time (CET) (Berlin/Paris/Rome). Seating is limited. Register now on www.anybodytech.com.

2nd performance is Tuesday November 10th at 21:00 Central European Time (CET) (Berlin/Paris/Rome). Seating is limited. Register now on www.anybodytech.com.

AB: AnyBody Research Group and Coworker Win 2014 Grand Challenge Competition

Congratulation to MS Andersen et al. for winning the 2014 Grand Challenge competition! Congratulation to Michael Skipper Andersen (Aalborg University), Marco Marra (Radbound Univeristy), Valentine Vanheule (Materialise), Rene Fluit (Twente Univeristy), Nico Verdonschot (Radbound Univeristy) and John Rasmussen (Aalborg University) for winning the 2014 Grand Challenge with their paper: Patient-specific Musculoskeletal Modelling of Total Knee…
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