Monthly Archives: May 2017

Webcast: Anybody with Exoskeleton

Title : Modelling Human – Exoskeleton interaction with AnyBody Researcher : Prof. John Rasmussen Date : 03.11.2016   (Prof. John Rasmussen, PhD, The AnyBody Group, Aalborg University, 03.November 2016)   Exoskeletons are promising a new technological revolution on the interface of man and machine. The technology offers amazing opportunities and very difficult design problems, because…
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Webcast: Anybody News Update

Title : New AnyBody Modelling System : Tour and overview of version 6.1 Presenter : Morten Enemark Lund (AnyBody R&D Engineer) Date : 14.03.2017   (Morten Enemark Lund, The AnyBody Group, Aalborg University, 14 March 2017)   In this webcast, Morten Enemark Lund, AnyBody R&D Engineer, will introduce some of the exciting new features and…
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Webinar: GT Suite v2017 New Features and GT Conference Review

Topic: v2017 New Features and Conference Review 4/27/2017 Host: Dana Pellegrini Date: Thursday, April 27 Times: 8:00am Chicago time(13:00 GMT) Presenters: Jon Zenker, Miles Melka and Brad Holcomb   In January 2017, Gamma Technologies released the latest version of GT-SUITE, v2017. We are exited to present this webinar to introduce you to many of the latest features.…
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